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Wijn pakket van passie voor wijn breda

Virtual Sommelier

It is sometimes quite difficult to select the perfect wine with the dish.
Let me help you.



If you have a nice dinner but you don't know which wine suits your menu best, let me help you. As a virtual Sommelier I can make the most beautiful wine/food combinations for you. Let me know what your menu is, and I'll arrange the wine (can just be sent) and you will have your own sommelier at the table for every dish. I'm making a video why this wine fits so perfectly with your starter, intermediate, main and dessert so that you can play it before enjoying the dish. Such an explanation can make a dinner even more special.

Became curious,
watch the attached videos
that I have been able to make for clients.




Questions about this or any other question
about wine?
Please feel free to contact me.

virtueel sommelier
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