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Wijnproeverijen op bij u op locatie in Breda

Wine tasting Breda

Wijn proeven

Wine tasting in Breda: what are the options

Many people enjoy a glass of wine, but do you know what exactly you like about Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc or other wine? I'd like to figure that out with you.

Wine tasting in Breda and surroundings

The best thing is to put together a group of 8 to 15 people yourself so that you can discuss the differences with each other. This is possible in our Experience Kitchen at the large table that seats 15 people  can join, at your home or another location such as a (tennis) club, wedding location, camping, garden or BB such as, for example, the fun Staying at van Heeren . Otherwise, view the photos in the photo gallery for an impression of different locations to get ideas. All locations are possible for my wine tastings, but whichever location you choose, I am convinced that you will experience an unforgettable, informative but above all pleasant evening (check the reviews in the guestbook on this website or via Google).


A wine tasting is very suitable for a nice evening with friends or family, a birthday party, neighborhood association, but also as team building activity at a company. Wine Tasting Experience is not required and it is suitable for all ages (from 18 years). It's something different and a great way to be busy together while enjoying a snack and a drink.

If you find it interesting to know what kind of wines can be served during a wine tasting , check out Jacky's wine tours

Wijnproeverij in Breda
Wijproeverij op locatie voor groepen

Standard wine tasting €24.95 pp*
at a location of your choice

A 2-hour cozy workshop with a lot of interaction between all guests where you are taught how to taste and what you taste.


What is included:

  • 6 different bottles of restaurant quality wine from beautiful wine regions

  • baguette

  • Glassware and water bottles (so no dishes)

  • Trial forms and pens

  • 2 hours of interaction with a well-trained wine expert

  • at your or my location


The size of the group is at least 8
and up to 15 people

(if more people, please contact us)


If the group is smaller, a base rate will be charged


* Outside Breda a small kilometer allowance will be added.

The wine tasting can be completely customized exactly the way you would like to see it.

This can be done by type of wine, by country, extra snacks, but also with a more extensive or exclusive range of wines.

You can contact me about this so that we can discuss the various options. You can reach me at 06-28455403 or by mail:

The following wine tastings are possible:

  • Private Wine Tastings at your home or at another location

  • Business Wine Tastings as a team building event at your business or on location

  • Professional wine courses to better understand what you're drinking and enjoy even more

  • I can also be hired as a wine advisor for other parties such as importers, wholesalers or other wine companies

Did you know that white wine can be made from blue grapes?
but from white grapes never red wine”


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